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Howdy Fellow Entrepreneur  … as you’ll see from all the testimonials I have here, many good folks like you are delighted they chose me to add the magic to their sales letters, video sales letters, emails and even give the kiss of life to their existing lame sales letters.

And none more so than one client who subscribed 11,000 members to his membership as a result of a single sales letter I created for him.

Those membership fees plus the earnings from affiliate offers made to this 11,000 strong list now totals some $1.3 MILLION.

So will YOU be my next MILLION DOLLAR success story?

Because, as Alonzo says …

CSW Alonzo Testy

CopywritingSecretWeapon Header How I can Tickle

And Simon is just one of several copy writers for whom I’ve brought home the
bacon. So if I can top their results, just imagine how delighted you’ll be …

Congratulations … because you’ve already taken a quantum leap towards joining that elite 3% who make serious money on line, because you’ve taken action …

… either you’ve created a product or you’ve set up your website. Whatever you’ve done, you’ve broken the spell of inaction. Sadly most good folks never have the courage to do that, meaning you are well on your way to success.

What’s more, you’ve wisely realized just how vital your marketing message is to your success. So you know this is the point when you need to hire an expert copy writer.

Wise choice.

Because, by hiring a professional copy writer you’ll be setting out the firm foundations for a golden, financially free future for you and your loved ones.

So imagine celebrating your wise choice of copy writer by striding into that high end car showroom, plumping down in the luxurious leather driver’s seat of the top model, grasping that chunky steering wheel and gazing down that massive hood.

Then, when the sales guy comes rushing up, rendering him speechless by saying you’ll take it and paying CASH!

So imagine how tragic it will be for your dreams of financial freedom to be snatched away simply because you chose a LAME copy writer

I know there are quite a few around, because much of my copy writing revolves around rescuing good folks, like you, who have been badly let down by wannabe copy writers who simply haven’t got the chops. They reel off impressive lists of books by other copywriters that they’ve readbut they’ve never sold anything in real life.

On one occasion, I actually rescued the actual ‘copy writer’ who – having got the gig – realized he was completely out of his depth when it came to actually delivering on his bold promises.

And it makes me madder than a wet hen when I see all the hard won traffic that has been wasted on a limp marketing messages, whether a sales letter, email series, video sales letter and other marketing material.

Fortunately, it IS quite possible to redeem even the lamest of marketing messages and rescue your dreams of financial freedom, because I haven’t just read copy writing books, I’ve sold (plenty) face to face and plenty more with my copy writing …

But why pay twice?
And why waste time (and your hard-won traffic)
BEFORE you discover the UGLY TRUTH?

Howdy … I’m Paul Hooper-Kelly … and if that doesn’t ring any bells, you’ve still probably bought a product from a top gun marketer, because of the compelling sales letter, email or sales video I created for them. Folks like Ewen Chia, Willie Crawford, Winson Yeung, Simon Hodgkinson, Ash Goodman, Jeremy Gislason, Michael Lee, John Delavera, Dean Jackson and many others.

I’m also proud that virtually all the top dogs in internet marketing from Marlon Sanders and Lee McIntyre to Ewen Chia have bought products of mine and even said nice things about them.

And the reason I’m the Copy Writing Secret Weapon of many big name marketers is because of my unmatched direct marketing experience …

… it was exactly 51 years ago, last April, when I made my first sale (an order for printing paperback books from the Daily Express newspaper in world-famous Fleet Street, London. Probably worth, in today’s prices, $30,000) .

And it was proper, face-to-face, belly-to-belly SALESMANSHIP …

As you can imagine, going toe to toe with a high-powered print buyer, in that imposing Art Deco building, was a bit daunting for a green 19 year old.

So I spent hours figuring out what my approach should be.

In the end, burning the midnight oil paid off, because I was lucky enough to isolate the X factor that is the KEY to all effective selling – whether face to face, or on in line in a text sales letter or video sales letter.

And, over the following 51 years (ten of which have been spent on line), I’ve honed and perfected that, including being taught the ‘tricks of the trade’ by John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy.

And now my ‘secret sauce‘ is here, ready for you to enjoy the full effect, including:

  • The nine vital mind control tricks (because selling is not for the squeamish).


  • The 17 key parts every successful sales message must have – miss just one and the message is not as powerful as it could be.
  • The six E-FACTORS that must be tickled to make the prospect happy to whip out their credit card.


And I’m sure you’re smart enough to see what an incredible UNFAIR ADVANTAGE FOR YOU that is.

Because my intense education in real-world salesmanship, right at the sharp end of marketing, is worth a king’s ransom to YOU because of the secrets and stealth marketing techniques I will bring to your business.

So, when it comes to fitting the profile of the perfect copy writer for you I check all the boxes. And that includes my guarantee that every single word of your sales message will be crafted ME and so carry the full weight of my 51 years of direct marketing experience.

So let’s look in depth at …

. . . why Alan Said I’m The Best Warrior Copy writer He’s Ever Hired (And He’s Hired Quite A Few) …

PLUS Why I Can Re-Write A Sales Letter And Get
SIX TIMES The Original Response …
AND why Herb said my emails made him want to join his own membership site!

YOU TOO will be as pumped as Alan, Bob and Herb
when I’ve created YOUR personal ATM of a sales message …



It’s a sad fact that most copy writers are merely ‘theory boys’, because they’ve never sold anything face to face.

Which brings me to the first reason why I can re-write a letter and get SIX TIMES the original response – made Herb want to buy his own product and have another client say I’m the best Warrior copywriter he’s ever hired.

Yes, I’ve read all the copy writing books AND studied under John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy … and I ALSO – uniquely – enjoy the firm copy writing foundation of FIVE DECADES in face-to-face selling and direct marketing.


So why is face-to-face selling such a vital preparation for successful copy writing?


Read how these three copy writing legends all agree on the value of salesmanship and face-to-face selling for success as a copy writer …


And here’s why that face-to-face selling is such a key part of a copywriter’s training …

Because it’s …


You see, selling face-to-face gives you instant feedback … priceless knowledge for a copywriter. Because when you seek to convince a prospect remotely – whether by direct mail or on line – you MUST know how they will react to what you say.

Trouble is, most copywriters lack that vital face to face experience and so simply HAVEN’T A CLUE if their words will achieve the right reaction (so they are actually GAMBLING on YOUR dime!).

Because that advanced level of copy writing skill can only be enjoyed by folks who have worked at marketing in the blood, sweat and tears of the selling trenches and have the real world track record to prove it.

Like when I won these cuff-links for record sales in the ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’…


The ‘Salesman’s Graveyard’ is selling life insurance, so tough very few survive – and even fewer win prizes.

I won mine for kicking the butt of the fanciest outfit in town with several salesmen. Yet little ole me still beat them!

So, when a copywriter reels off a long list of copy writing books they’ve READ, simply ask them if they’ve done any REAL SELLING.

Which brings me to the SECOND REASON why I can re-write a letter and get SIX TIMES the original response – and have another client say I’m the best Warrior copywriter he’s ever hired …

… I’ve moved beyond just studying books on copy writing. Because I study books on Psychology and Propaganda, which reveal the psychological persuasion triggers that compel folks to do what you want.

You see, it’s not the fancy graphics that compel folks to buy – it’s not even the clever wordplay (although the words are vital) it’s actually the psychological strategies and little known N.L.P secrets behind the sales letter that does the heavy lifting for you.

So simply reading other folks’ sales letters and copy writing books is like standing in the street, gazing up at a building and trying to figure out how to be an architect.

You’ll never ever be able to create your own building that way because you’ll never know what’s hidden inside the building to make it all work.

And the THIRD REASON I can re-write a letter and get SIX TIMES the original response – and have another client say I’m the best Warrior copywriter he’s ever hired and get Herb to want to buy his own stuff springs from my seven decades roaming this planet, experiencing all the problems life throws at all of us – from birth to death …

… which means I probably know first hand how your prospect feels about their problem.

And that’s the SECRET WEAPON I deploy with the unerring accuracy of a cruise missile, empowering me to tickle your prospect’s buying emotional hot spot and making it impossible for them to relax until they enjoy the sweet release of actually buying your product …


Ecstatic Marketers Over The Moon
At The Sight Of Their Soaring Profits . . .

And alongside those 51 years in the marketing trenches I’ve also experienced LIFE with all its joys and disasters. So …

No matter what problem your product is designed to solve,
I have the life experience PLUS the marketing know-how
to tickle your prospect’s buying gland to a frenzy …

And here are two quick examples …

NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER On ClickBank three years running

I was asked to create a sales letter for a product to teach fathers how to tackle that daunting task of making a speech at their daughter’s wedding. Naturally, I drew on my OWN painful experience when getting that vital speech just right for my OWN daughter’s wedding.

So you won’t be surprised to know …

My sales letter – crafted from personal experience– became an instant hit on ClickBank -and is still THE #1 BEST SELLER three years on


And here’s another example.

Simon Hodgkinson is a top internet marketer (and no dummy when it comes to writing sales letters). Yet he was kind enough to admit, with all his experience, he COULD NOT MATCH the 12.5% conversion I got, right out of the gate, for his new $97 software …

But again my widest possible experience was key to unlocking these riches. Because I had struggled for months with other membership site software, so I knew exactly the frustrations and problems his prospects were suffering. So my sales letter was the headache cure they were craving and they bought his product by the truckload.

And that’s not the only time I’ve become …

The copywriter’s copywriter

And I also create successful WSO letters …

And here’s how one of my VIDEO sales letters has converted: 72 orders were obtained from just 371 COLD visitors – a 19% conversion


I’ve also created successful videos for Willie Crawford and Michael Lee …


So I stand ready to delight you with your very own video sales letter. You can choose to have me create the script only – or have me create the script and then bring it to life with either a whiteboard video, a slide video or a full blooded camera-shot video.

And, whatever your requirements …

It’s now your good fortune to profit from
my marketing skill and experience

BUT ONLY for a limited time …

Because you too can now experience the sheer joy that flows from deploying a sales letter or an email sequence that works like gangbusters.

Like the ones I’ve already created

One letter I wrote for a client pulled in 11,000 members for a membership site.

So, between the membership fee and the value of those 11,000 names on a mailing list, that single letter probably made the client over a million bucks.

And here are a few more delighted clients …

Samples? Certainly …


I’ve created very successful sales messages in the following markets …


Fishing Vacations

Penis Enlargement
Mind Control

Arthritis remedies
Graphic Design
Alternative Health
Affiliate Marketing
Video Creation

Financial Advice
Online Games
Internet Marketing
Driving Instructors

WordPress Themes

Drug Rehab Centers
Speech Writing

Big Game Fishing
Network Marketing
Weight Loss
Membership Sites
Offshore Living
Self Improvement
Video Marketing
The ‘DREAM-TEAM’ Copy Writing AND Graphic Design package

Ever heard the saying: “Jack of all trades and the master of none” ?

The truth is, most copy writers are not the best graphic designers and good graphic artists tend not to be the best copy writers. After all, it’s a very rare person who excels in two major skills like these.

So, I’ve teamed up with some great sales letter designers to bring you the BEST OF BOTH …

… that means you get my world class copy writing PLUS the very best breathtaking graphics, giving you a sparkling, even higher converting GRAPHICAL Sales Letter …



So if you have the vision and ambition to realize what I’m offering here  … then saddle up and enjoy the ride!

Sizzling Sales Letters – Front end … Upsell …Downsell or OTO:

When I create your sales page, you’ll not only enjoy the sort of experience the clients featured here do, you also have the extra confidence knowing you are in the hands of a top selling ClickBank sales letter creator.

Check out my ‘Father Of The Bride’ #1 on ClickBank Top Selling Sales Letter for an example of how I ease myself into the conversation taking place in the prospect’s head and lead them gently to the conclusion that the only sensible thing is to buy the product.

Right now you can grab a compelling sales letter (NOT LIMITED to a certain number of words – unlike some low cost offers) just like all my other clients enjoy. There’s just ONE slot left for $2,470 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS TO $3,470

The ‘DREAM-TEAM’ Copy Writing AND Graphic Design package:
Ever heard the saying: “Jack of all trades and the master of none” ?

The truth is, most copy writers are not the best designers and good designers tend not to be the best copy writers. After all, it’s a very rare person who excels in two major skills like these.

So, I’ve teamed up with some great sales letter graphical designers to bring you the BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS …

… that means you can enjoy my world class copy writing PLUS breathtaking graphics, giving you a sparkling, high converting GRAPHICAL Sales Letter Just ONE slot for $2,700 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $3,700

Giving your dying sales letter The Kiss Of Life:

What if you a sales letter and it isn’t performing? Then I’ll take a look at it – and your product – and add some of my special magic to turn it into a sparkling jewel that will start to perform the way it should. One more at just $1,270 THEN your investment JUMPS to $1,87o

Squeeze Pages:

As a serious marketer, you’ll know the truth of the saying ‘The money is in the list’. But how do you build a list in the first place? You simply get me to craft a magnetic squeeze page for it. And then sit back and watch the names pour in. Just ONE slot for $670 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $970

The secret of making money from your list:

Once you have a name on your list, you then need to build a trusting relationship with them, before they will buy from you; Which is exactly what these series of emails are designed to do. Coupled with one of my magnetic squeeze pages, they will become your chief money-making asset.

You can choose from a sequence of five, seven or nine. Although conventional wisdom says that you need to make seven contacts before your prospect is sufficiently hot to buy, I have found my ‘Paul’s rule of nine’ to be more effective, whereby you only start to call for action on emails eight and nine (although you are selling by stealth right from email one).

Just ONE slot for FIVE at just $1,270 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $1,770

Just ONE slot for SEVEN at just $1,770 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $2,470

Just ONE slot for of NINE at just $2,170 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $2,970

How to recruit affiliates that will make you rich:

The brutal truth is only about 5% of your affiliates will ever bring home the bacon. These are the ‘Super Affiliates’ who really know their craft – which are the warriors you want in your army.

And you get them with a compelling page that points out every advantage of being YOUR Super Affiliate. Just ONE slot for $1,970 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $2,270

Add the conversion magic to your video with my sizzling script:

As a savvy internet marketer, you’ll know that VIDEO sales letters can outperform text only sales letters by as much a three times.

But it’s no good just slapping up any old trash, because online video has now come of age, so it’s ‘No more Amateur Night”. Your script needs to be slick and professional, which is what you get from me – complete with ‘storyboard’.

Just ONE slot for $2,470 MISS THAT and your investment JUMPS to $3,470

Video script AND video creation: If you want I’ll do the whole thing (video script and your choice of whiteboard, slide or full Hollywood style video) – just PM me with your requirements.

Deploying the hottest, most compelling sales message you can is the RED HOT core of your business success. So I’m sure you’ll agree with me that …

Today is one of your Crossroad Days

Most days are routine.

But there are certain days – crossroad days – which have the power to change your life for good or bad …

… days when you choose which college to attend … days when you decide which career path to take … when you chose your life partner and the days your children are born.

And there are days like this, when you have it within your power to step up to a whole new life of financial and time freedom simply by making the right choice.

So which path will you choose?

Will you roll up your sleeves and get down to the agony of trying to create a compeling sales message yourself?

Of course, only working on your own material means you naturally don’t have the breadth of experience that I have, because I’m doing this day in, day out (plus I’ve gotten those 40 years in the face to face trenches to back it all up).

Or will you risk your business, your budget and the chance of getting off to a flying start in your quest for financial freedom by hiring an untried copywriter with no track record of success, because they’ll naturally be a bit cheaper.


Will you sensibly decide you’re not going to gamble the hopes and dreams you’ve invested in your precious product in some lame sales letter, so you wisely want it created by a highly experienced, proven professional …

I’m sure you’re shrewd enough to make the right choice, so I’m really looking forward to working with you.

So here’s to your inevitable success!

Paul Hooper-Kelly

World class copywriter

and marketing consultant

P.S. Some naughty copywriters charge you and then palm the job off onto an apprentice. Not me.

So – because I insist on writing every word myself – you can be certain my experience and magic will flow into every corner of your sales message. But there is a downside …

… because that severely limits the number of gigs I can put on my dance card.

So, if you want the fastest response AND at the lowest possible price then you know what you need to do!



What happens once I order?

When you click the order link, below, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select what service you want.

Then, once your payment is processed, you’ll be taken to a page where you can send me details of your project plus a copy of the actual product and bonuses – if it’s digital.

That page has my private copy writing email address shown twice. Please use this for all subsequent contact.

How long will you take to create my masterpiece?

Projects are executed in the strict order they are received, provided they are received complete with all the material I need to do a good job.

Depending on what projects are already booked ahead of yours, sales letters and emails are usually ready about seven to ten business days after I receive payment and ALL the material and information I need to do a good job.

If you have made payment, but have still to provide clarification of what you want, then the clock only starts running from when I am fully satisfied I clearly understand your requirements.

Your letter will go through several drafts, because – as my mentor, John Carlton says: “It’s not the writing but the rewriting that adds the magic”.

Copywriters who deliver in two or three days are clearly NOT setting the copy aside, sleeping on it and reviewing and revising over several days. I go that extra mile for you and the difference is plain to see in the RESULTS and glowing testimonials you see here

And, as all the praise from clients testify, the results are well worth waiting for.

Graphical sales letters take longer, because the graphic artist can only start after I finish polishing the copy. But the results are worth waiting for.

Production times for video sales letters, depend on the nature and complexity of the video (for example, if it requires a voice over artist, that has to mesh with his schedule).

Either way, the sooner you book your project, the sooner you can be enjoying using it.

I want to jump in on your offer, but my project isn’t quite ready. Can I book a slot for later?

Yes, you can lock in at the current price by making the payment now. Then when you are ready, your project will be completed regardless of the current price – or even if the offer is then closed.

How many words will you write?

Articles are written to a specific word length – winning sales messages are not.

Limiting the number of words in a sales message would be like sending your salesman out and telling him to stop talking, pack his sample case and leave at a certain time, regardless of how close the prospect is to buying.

Therefore, to do the very best for you, I write exactly the number of words needed to answer every concern, objection and worry in the mind of your prospect – but not a single word more.

Then, with every objection answered, buying your product suddenly makes complete sense.

How do I contact you?

Several years of creating winning sales letters for top dog marketers has proved that the most effective way of working – by far – is via email. So, when you order your project you will receive my private copy writing email address.

This is where your initial questionnaire should be sent, plus the answers to any subsequent queries I raise. This allows me to instantly access your precise written instructions and thus avoid any misunderstandings about exactly what you want. Once you have this email address, please use this rather than the Private Messaging Service.

In what format do you deliver the material?

Email sequences are delivered as a text document ready for you to paste directly into your auto responder.

All other material is delivered as a Word .doc, showing where I recommend you deploy bold,  italic and colored text, to dramatize the writing. All my clients find this ideal as it can be pasted directly into their text editor for uploading to their web site.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for the Terms and Conditions relating to my copy writing services as well as my copy writing training.

Click to claim your slot before someone else beats you to it
 and your investment INCREASES DRAMATICALLY …




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